Thursday, June 26, 2008


When I'm at my day job I seem to fall behind. Generally, by the time I get home there is not much "juice" left for the other, most enjoyable, parts of my life! It's a blessing to be fortunate enough to have the ability to enjoy a balance of work, work & home work. I have been considering aging a lot lately though - and I have to say that I think it's a great thing - albeit having a bit less agility or litheness is not my most favorite part!
I like being where I am in life. I love this time of life in fact! I wish it had not taken so long to get here! At this point in time I can say "whatever" and it really means just that - that I simply don't have the time to waste over smaller details or issues. I think that drama in one's life can be addictive & self-perpetuating. I did it for a time - for too long in fact -and am SO happy to not be in that space any longer. It is a gift to to have no drama. I take great pleasure, when people ask me what's new, to say "nothing"! I have found that by not over reacting to things, they happen as they need to - and everything progresses (or not!) in it's own time. I have found that I love my routines - a word that once struck terror in my core. I love comfort now too, in dress & surroundings, and I have taken perverse delight in throwing out every pair of stiletto heels I owned & donating my very conservative business suits to charity. I go to bed early now and love the extra time that it gives me to read. I am, in fact, finally allowing myself to return to the person I always thought I should be before the concept of climbing the career mountain reared it's rude, fast paced, competitive, empty head.
Things I take the time to enjoy more now:
Listening to snippets of conversations that swirl around me during the day.
Listening to all the different bird songs.
Really stopping to s m e l l the roses.
Believeing that I have the right to relax & enjoy life.
Learning new things with pride.
Taking the time to create something I like personally - that does not, necessarily, meet some one else's criteria or needs .. and to take the time to do it 'right'.
Learning that it really is okay to say "no" - and that it can be said respectfully and nicely.
All this may sound like I am a doffering old lady already - and I am certainly not that yet - what I am becoming at this point, however, is a softer, more considered red headed self- someone who takes the time to enjoy the wonder of living more meaningfully and less hectically. The world can be the most fabulous place to be after all. Namaste.


Vicki W said...

My sentiments exactly! On top of what you said, all of my parts are closer to the ground, so if I fall it won't be so far! LOL!

Melinda Cornish said...

You said it beautifully and these are the things that make life rich...It is funny that this was your post because I was thinking thoughts along this same line to myself last night. Great post.....Melinda

Lynn Douglass said...

Very thought provoking post. I am learning to relax and enjoy the simpler things in life myself. I often say that my life is a bit boring, and I like it that way!

Robin said...

Namaste, dear Marie! I love this post, all that you are and all that you've discovered here. Oh, yes! Time IS what we make of it and there's always enough. Yay!

Exuberant Color said...

Well Said!!! And I agree it's the best time of life.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

hit a chord with me...very well put & lots of wisdom.

I prefer when life is a bit boring, thins are on keel and void of 'bad' uncertain and unexpected things .... 'good uncertain and unexpected things, are different - those I like.... but losing jobs, health 'issues' and the like....well that sucks and definitely pushes the envelop!


Patty Mitchell said...

simple...boring...routine...comfort...listening...allow...meaningful...learning. Well chosen words for all to take to heart.

verobirdie said...

I completely agree with you! Let's enjoy our present life!

Sue McGettigan said...

Amen to the 'whatever' days! It doesn't mean not caring, it means caring about what's truly important and being able to filter out the rest . I too love being right where I am agewise, and look forward to the rest of my days growing older and, hopefully, wiser along the way.

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