Saturday, September 8, 2007

Picking Blackberries

It was time for our yearly blackberry picking today. We were a bit later than usual this year and we missed lots of berries to other scavengers - both human and critters. No worries though as there are lots that will be ripening soon - and the weather is forecast to cooperate ! Last year we picked at least twice a s much and I made LOTS of jam.

This bounty will be "jammed" as well, although DH's aunt make want us to freeze some for her. It was such a spectacular day - just perfect for being outdoors!

Seeing all of that incredibly gorgeous juice - I just could not bear to waste any - so I threw a shirt into a pot and processed it ! The shirt was a light pink to start with - but I was pretty impressed with my unscientific dye job ! I will probably reprocess it to get a more even depth of color - but I sure like the initial result ! This photo was taken with a flash - since it's getting dark so early now - so the color is actually deeper than this indicates ! Hope everyone is having a great weekend !


Anonymous said...

Whine...everyone is blogging about harvest and jamming and all I can grow is grass and weeds.

Deb L.

Vicki W said...

I love fresh blackberries - especially in Blackberry Cobbler! The fabric dyed to a beautiful color.

Quail Hill Knits said...

I had never tasted blackberries until I was 25 years old, now I can't wait for them to ripen each year. Looks like you have a great harvest.

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