Monday, September 10, 2007

Experimental Pouch: Variation on a Theme

I had made this piece of felt some time ago - and since it was not one of my favorites - was wondering what to do with it. I decided to try adding a zipper by hand. I didn't trim the selvage of the felt and added the zipper by following the slight curve that blocking had produced. I probably won't do it this way again - it looks alright but straightening the edge would have made it look better I think. I used Valdani varigated perle cotton for sewing in the zipper and some seed stitches which DID work rather well. I may use this bag as a cosmetic or pencil case. Using Stewart Gill Glitterati really added a lot of sparkle - which unfortunately is not evident in the photo. Glitterati is crimped and really makes the glitter "pop".

I have signed up for a great online wet felting class with Sue Bleiweiss this Fall. It's through Joggles - and if you have not tried one of their on-line classes before - you should ! They're really terrific! Very creatively stimulating and very well presented. I am been contemplating taking another class there with Susan Sorrell on Doodling. I have never been a very proficient doodler - though I always seem to do a lot of it! This morning I realized that I DO doodle (a lot!) but I do it on my sewing machine in free motion rather than with a pencil. Ah ! Now I feel less inept !
Anyway - here are a couple of close ups of the experiment pouch - I am, generally, pleased with it - and have started working on another bag today !


Sue B said...

I really like the shape of this bag. Great colors in this one too. I hope you enjoy the wet felting class :)

Gunnels blog said...

This bag is lovely! I hope you enjoyed the class, I´ll take my first onlineclass for Lenna Edwards this month, exiting

Waltraud said...

You know, I love these little bags, when I will have finished "my leaves", I have to make also new ones.

Quail Hill Knits said...

That bag is GORGEOUS!

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