Thursday, September 6, 2007

An 1848 Day Journal

Sometimes I get I feel that I should ONLY blog about things that I have recently made - or am in the process of making. Creative, experimental, sewing, felting, textiles things. Although I always have many things "in the works" I don't always have something textile-y to write about. It dawned on me however, that my creative life is not just inspired by textiles - my imagination is inspired by looking out the window, driving to work and special things I sometimes get in the mail - so I thought you might enjoy seeing this little book that I got the other day.

My favorite Uncle passed away in 2001 and my cousin has been sifting through his things. She passes along things that she knows I will enjoy. Family photos, notes from my grandmother when she was a young mother, marriage and baptisimal certificates, mass cards and other odd family memorabilia etc. She will probably get it all back one day (she's a young thing) but for now I love having these treasures to enjoy. I am lucky, and grateful, that she has remained in touch and that she cares enough to send these treasures my way.
This week she sent me my uncles "day timer". It was where he made notes of important dates. Induction into the Army, births, deaths, marriages, dates with my Aunt. The books notations span the 1940's through the late 1980's. I learned things about my family that I had not known before. The interesting thing about this "day timer" though is that is is from 1848 ! Yes, really, my Uncle used a "day-timer" from 1848 for his notes! It's authentic - and is in very good condition despite it's 159 years . The book lists all 31 states (two of which were listed 'only' territories at the time, all of the attorneys practicing in New York City (there already were many!), all of the state representatives as well of lots of daily New York City legal calendar information . What an amazing piece of history - both familial and otherwise - to hold in my hands.


Sue B said...

What an absolute treasure that is to have. I just love old books and journals like that. How wonderful for you to have a piece of your own familys history.

jenclair said...

What a treasure! So few people today keep a paper record that will be available to pass on to descendants.

Waltraud said...

I also love these wonderful old treasures. You could be happy.

Exuberant Color said...

You said the notations are from 1940's, did you mean 1840's or did he just use an old book in the 1940's? I love the old fashioned handwriting. thanks for posting this.

Gunnels blog said...

yes, I also love these old treasures. We hava an old farm at summerhouse, it´s from my husbands grandparents, and here we have a lot of old books and mail, diarrys etc

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