Friday, September 21, 2007

How To Relax?

I am happy to report that my computer is working again. It reminds me of how much I LOVE my computer and how much I HATE it when something goes wrong. I am also happy to report that the speed is now b l a z i n g - what a difference!

I drew the little picture above yesterday and it's about how I was feeling - I had planned to post it this morning. Yesterday - or maybe for much of this week -I feel like the world has just plugged into me and has taken every bit of "energy juice" I have - leaving me rattled, tired and frazzled. So many demands at times - how to not allow it all to overwhelm me. Malls exhaust me - as does being in crowds for too long . The energy that gets so thick at work sometimes makes me want to run and pull the covers over my head. Yikes .....I know I have it pretty darned easy compared to many people -and am so grateful for my life, I just need a tougher hide I guess!

Happy weekend everyone - I should have some photos of new projects this weekend ! At least working on them always manages to restore my sense of balance !


Sue B said...

What a great drawing. It sounds like you need some uninterupted studio time and some serious fiber play :)

Waltraud said...

A wonderful drawing! Take care of yourself and have a nice weekend!

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