Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Good Day

I get to live in a beautiful place. It's a place that I have loved since the moment I first saw it.
This is the harbor that greets me in the morning when I pull into the parking lot at work - not a bad view huh?! I love haying season (allergies aside!). There is just something about the peaceful orderliness of the fields at this time of year that always makes me smile. Maybe it's the colors or maybe it's the sense of a bountiful season and the promise of provisions for the coming Fall. These hay bales were what I saw today on the drive home. It has been a good day ! I am blessed in so many ways. I hope the day brought you all some laughter and some inspirational sights !


Exuberant Color said...

Would you believe I saw the very same thing yesterday on the way to my son's shop? I can't put into words exactly what my thoughts were but it's along the lines of "you can take the girl away from the farm, but you can't take the farm (memories) away from the girl". We didn't have those big round bales but haying was part of life and I can just smell it thinking about it.

homemakerkate said...

Hey Zee,
that photo of the hay bales could be easily from here, first cut over now. Farmers saying that with the severe lack of rain they have less then half the hay then last year. I hope you had fun at fair, those ribbons are beautiful.

Sarah said...

Those may be the first two pictures that have made me miss the island... but probably and especially because they were taken by you!

And you a fair superintendent.... HAVE FUN, and be careful with the wrist, the back, etc. And have a gyro for me! And bring home a ribbon in quilting..... what are you entering this year?

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