Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fair Duty

Our County Fair begins next week. By some perverse quirk of fate I volunteered to be a
Superintendent this year. I gather that there was a dearth of people jumping up and down wanting to get involved. I was assigned the Woodworking and Crafts section. Of COURSE I know about woodworking ! I have a good friend that does a lot of it - that must count for knowledge right ?! Crafts at least, I am a bit more informed about! Yesterday, after work, I went to the fairgrounds to see the space I would be "in charge of". Yikes ! It is huge. I was brought a nifty box full of necessary impedimenta. Hooks, pencils, placards for the various categories (lots'o'crafts for sure!), chains, locks, push pins, clip board .. very organized. I started to get a bit panicky looking at all of this stuff and then someone asked me how many volunteers I had coming on Tuesday to help me with set up. Volunteers ?? I AM the volunteer! I AM the committee. "You'll need help" says she...most likely true think I- alas there may not be much help waiting in the wings ! I am promised that the day will stretch from 0800 to 2100 - with the judge coming in sometime before the dinner hour- by which time I will, no doubt, look like a deer caught in the headlights. I will be screaming for a glass of wine (after I get home of course) - and some food ! Maybe I will just be screaming....hummmmm. After that energetic day I will get to toddle in to work the next day and THEN go to met and greet after work. I am beginning to think that I really must have been under some odd influence when I agreed to this assignment. Surely, they would prefer to have some high energy, totally extroverted people lover - rather than me. I love to people watch - but that and people pleasing can be very different things huh ?!! It will be an adventure I am sure...and I am equally sure that it will all turn out well, that I will thoroughly enjoy myself and thoroughly enjoy seeing all of the cool work people bring in to the division !

Just getting to look at these beautiful ribbons is enough to make me happy. Aren't they beautiful? I wonder who the lucky winners of these little gems will be !

Here is the entry tag that has to be filled out - and below is the page from the Fair Guide that lists the categories in my section. Notice that at press time the Superintendent was a TBA (to be announced) ! I am sure that I will have lots of fun photos and tidbits for y'all next week. Wish me luck - I may well need it !!


Sue B said...

you're going to do a great job and you'll have lots of fun :)

Waltraud said...

Best Whishes!

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