Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Little Skinny

Here is my little "skinny envelope" quilt. A/K/A IQA Rejection. I expected it would be declined and can embrace this rejection. For one thing I need to be able to take better photographs. For those I need a better camera and, almost more importantly, some decent lighting. I can;t afford to send every small quilt out to be well photographed - as much as I would like to ! For another thing this is hybrid. It IS a quilt ; it has a front and batting and backing.It is however, felted wool; machine quilted and beaded. It's an "in betweener" in the quilt world - even for the art quilt world. I made it because I liked it, because my husband said it looked like a starry night - and that was my mother's favorite song. I made it and completed it because it made me personally happy to look at. I will be happy to hang it on my wall.

You can't see the glitter, or the paint or the "bling" in the photos - and you can't see the fabulous textures that the wools allowed me to create in the quilting. Those are the elements that I especially like about this piece and that's why I am glad I made it .


Exuberant Color said...

This piece is beautiful. There is so much work on it with all the beads and stitching! You should definitely have it up where you can look at it each day and let it re-inspire you.

Waltraud said...

A wonderful piece, I am sure you´ll enjoy it.

Sue B said...

Marie this piece is luscious! Love the colors and textures - just gorgeous. That beaded fringe is the perfect accent for it.

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