Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fair Duty Update

It has been quite a week. After my 14 hour day at the fair on Tuesday I realized that I HAD to ask for some vacation time - or perish .. I am NOT a person who performs well on little sleep and few breaks ! Yesterday and today I worked at 'work" until noon and then went to the fair until 7:30pm or so. It IS more fun that I had anticipated, but I am, absolutely, exhausted already - and there are still two days left !

I have gotten to meet some wonderful people, have learned a lot about Decorative Painting and incredible woodwork , and have had time to chat with friends I seldom get to see. My favorite Goat is not at he fair this year. His name is George and I miss him. There are wonderful baby pygmy goats and I have pet many luxurious chickens. I bought some incredible Cotswold wool top wool from "Our Lady of The Rocks" monastery ...which I will get to have at home on Sunday !

Many great stories to tell and photos to share soon - but I am "plum tarred" - as my adopted grandma would have said. I am looking forward to catching up - getting the baby quilt quilted and sent off, my felted bags made and sent to some wonderful people (you know who you are Sue B.!)- and just being home and on "regular routine" again. What an old fuddy duddy I am becoming !

More soon - with pictures of baby pygmy goats and some wonderful art -- and maybe a tractor or two !

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