Sunday, August 19, 2007

County Fair Report: Decorative and Tole Painting

Did I enjoy being at the Fair all week? Yes ! More than I expected. Did I learn a lot and meet some wonderful people? Yes !! Am I tired from being "on" so much? Most definitely ! I got to talk to many people that I have not seen for a long time;caught up on news and met some truly wonderful,very talented, young people who gave me renewed faith in the next generation.

Some casual observations from the hours I spent watching and over-hearing conversations :
  • People are attracted to their preferred medium and often will breeze by exhibits that are outside of their preference. V
  • People ask about buying pieces done in their preferred medium. Most often they want to buy a piece from someone they know,admire,or are in a group or guild with. Jewelers buy jewelry. Painters buy paintings , woodworkers buy ........ you get the drift.
  • Display, lighting and arrangement mean EVERYTHING and can make or break the way people will respond to and enjoy a piece. Having a small item sandwiched between large or very busy pieces - or works done in a different medium- is distracting and does not afford a smaller piece the space it deserves. I wish there could always be enough space, good lighting and better display walls.....what a difference that would make!
  • Sending your friends in to look at your work increases the number of People's Choice votes you will get dramatically. People's Choice Awards are not for the humble !
  • People watching is an amazing amount fun ! What an education it can be!
The top three photos in this post are part of a cabinet designed and painted by a lovely woman I met named Alyce. The moment she brought it through the door I was entranced. This is called "decorative painting" - as opposed to "tole" painting. My photos don't do this piece justice - the lights in the building are obnoxious - and did I mention the constant loud 'thrum' they made ? We are petitioning for some natural light next year ! Alyce and her painting group are wonderful,warm,funny,genuine gals who seem to have lots of fun together. They are SO talented and I was happy to have been able to meet them and learn about their wonderful craft.

Alyce won a Blue Ribbon and Best In Class for this marvelous cabinet! She was also very generous in donating time to come and relieve me - she and her fellow painters really helped out !

Below is a fantastic Advent Calendar. Each little piece is hand painted. Wouldn't this make the holiday season worth waiting for ?! It won a Blue Ribbon and came within a breath of People Choice last night.
Here is an amazing traditional Tole Patterned platter - another Blue Ribbon of course ! The wonderful gal who painted it is Jo Ann ,the "ring leader", and teacher emeritus for the group. Amazing !Below is a Norwegian Porridge container - I am told that this is also a traditional Tole style. The beautiful lettering translates to something on the order of " If you don't like the porridge, you aren't hungry enough!" This is another piece that was painted by the Jo Ann. Need I mention that it got a Blue Ribbon ?!

Next Photo below the Porridge container is another wonderful piece that Jo Ann painted. This shows only ONE panel of an amazing box. I guess this would be termed "decorative" ! It feels almost like you cpuld touch that handsome beast !

Here is a joyful toy chest for a lucky grandson ! This piece is truly remarkable. What a family heirloom Carol has made. This piece got a Blue Ribbon and was neck and neck with Alyce's cabinet for Best of Class - The top (which I did not get a photo of !) is a checkerboard and the side panels have more wondeful Disney features. I'll be posting more wonderful "craft" catagories soon.

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Gail said...

I too was entranced by the "decorative painting" displays, especially the advent calendar! Very talented people & way beyond the "tole" sister-in-law did tole painting & it certainly does take some patience! Gail

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