Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What To Do WIthout a Netflix Movie On Hand

I ran out of Netflix movies this weekend ! I like to watch movies while I cook (as well as at many other times of course!). I had ordered several movies that I ended up not liking very well - so making Shrimp Dijon was looking a whole lot less appealing without the entertainment of a movie in the background. Since I have a Mac I can't use Netflix online movie option - so in near desperation ( well - that's really an exaggeration!) I searched for alternatives. I found a great place that shows old, fun movies for free. The screen that is afforded is tiny - but it works okay for those rare movie-less moments when music won't do and when the thought of listening to yet another ball game in the other room does not sit so well with your psyche.

I chose a little campy gem called "The Wasp Woman" from 1960 - so funny ! At least now I know there is an option .....a larger screen would be nice - but it's okay !

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the "Fair Duty" day. 14 hours. I am NOT good with extra long days and could not sleep to boot ! Took some photos of the incredible work that I was able to see yesterday and hope to stop long enough to upload some photos (if they turned out with all of the awful interior lighting!).

1 comment:

Sue B said...

Wasp Woman huh? Well that's definitely one I haven't seen before!

14 hours - good grief that's a looong day.

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