Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quilt Show! Fidalgo Island Quilter's 2010 Part II

Here are some more of the amazing quilts that were in the show that I attended last weekend. This wedding braid really struck me - the colors just radiate and sing don't they! Although this is not a quilt that I think I would make myself it is really an amazing work of art - and such a wonderful use of color, fabric choices and luminescence!

WoW! Can you believe how alive this hexagonal quilt looks? 
Another tour de force made with some of my fabric choices of color and designer ( reds andKaffe Fassett) choices. Once again, I think that this quilter made amazing, wonderful choices in color. cloth and joyous, bouncing color! Yes! I could see myself making something like this !

I have to confess that I have not seen too many red, white and blue quilts that really make me want to jump up and down, but this one really make me happy to look at!  It even made me want to think about a patriotic quilt for myself. The use of a traditional pattern that literally sings with vibrancy and color. Such perfect use of USA colors!   It's a treasure!

This quilt in white,black and yellow also really spoke to me. I really love simple quilt patterns - sometimes I truly do believe that that the 'KISS" principle is a good way to go with quilts. I think that this quilt, once again uses color and a simple pattern to utmost advantage. What do you think about simple patterns? Do you like them? Do you think that using more sophisticated patterns generally also mean a more experienced quilter at work?

I love this block detail! WoW!

As I wandered through the show there were the two quilts that just reached out and grabbed me. I was only slightly surprised to discover that they were both made by the same, amazingly talented, person.
This quilt plays on one of my favorite color schemes of yellow and blue. For years now I have told myself that I would make a yellow and blue quilt - and yet I still have made one! My general idea of a yellow and blue quilt has been clearer, brighter blues I guess. I am not a person who uses much blue n any of my work and I think that has been part of the issue why I have not yet my first steps toward this particular quilt goal. Now that I seen how I can effectively use these yummy, rich, dark shades of indigo and blue along with such a fresh yellow I may just get to work - don't time me though! Isn't this quilt wonderful? This is also such a marvelous example of kaleidoscope work - another technique that is on my "want to do'" list. I can't believe that this technique has been around so long now and yet I have not made one for myself!

Below is the other quilt that I fell in love with from the same quilt artist -
so effective and so vibrant! It's perfect to my eyes!

I have a third section of the quilt show coming up and one post that is just some of the wonderful wearable art that was exhibited ...

Enjoy the eye candy and have a wonderful rest of your weekend ! We have been basking in sunshine and real, Spring-like temperatures in the afternoons. The birds are singing gloriously after the very brisk nights (it's been in the 30's at night - colder, almost,  than we had all Winter!) . It's music to my ears.  I am going to pick up "Smudge" on Wednesday - and am more and more excited about seeing her sweet blue eyed face around the house! I am hoping that Cleo - who is a spry 16 - will adapt well. Of course she was used to house full of fellow felines - so hopefully the transition will go fairly smoothly.


Jeannie said...

Stunning quilts! Excellent use of value by all the quilters. I really liked Taxi Anyone? It is not a color scheme I have ever thought of using, but it really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Vicki W said...

Great quilts, thanks for sharing!

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