Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Couple Of New ,Small, Projects

My dearest friends - who are really my family- just moved into a new home after a long and frustrating year. I wanted to send them a card, of course, but I wanted it to be more than just a Hallmark card - so I made this for them. The front is raw linen fabric; the inside is muslin and I used C&T's double sided fusible Fast-2-Fuse as the stabilizer. It's been a favorite product for my art cards for some time - and now it is available in bot regular and heavy weight.  The inside of the card contains a lot of "home" related quotes and warm wishes. My cyber friend, & artist extraordinaire, Julie Wildman, wrote the word "Rejoice" on a book mark that she gave to me and I have tried to copy her style. If I could afford to take a class from the calligrapher who teaches this sort of gestural calligraphy I would .. but in the meantime I need to practice from lettering samples from Julie!  I had to have a chirping bird since we all enjoy the winged ones so much.  This was a fun card to make - I enjoyed playing with a cut-out design. Of course, as always, I also now see many ways that I could have made this card better!

As always remember that you can double click on the images to get more close up

This next little project was a Creative Troupe "call-out" from C&T. Their "call-outs" are fun to do and there are some goodies offered in exchange for the play time.  This "call-out" was to play with the newest Lutradur product - ultra light weight. I printed my photographs on the Lutradur - using the seasons as a theme; added some color enhancement with inks and paint as needed and then backed the prints with vintage kimono silks and added lettering and skewers wrapped in ribbon knitting yarn. I received the package with the Lutradur a week ago yesterday and, since I knew I was in for a busy week, I finished and mailed it by Wednesday. Phew! That was a bit of a rush for me !

Each 'card' is 4"X6" - I think I would have preferred making the images less close together 
- but that's hindsight now - so I will know better for the next 'seasonal' project!

Happy Sunday to all!


Sandy said...

The card is wonderful. They will treasure it. The Lutradur seasons really worked well.

imquilternity said...

WOW...your seasonal post cards are absolutely stunning! I LOVE them! You are sooooooooo creative.

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