Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If You Have Pets - You Need To Try This!

Just a quick Quilt Show break - I had been meaning to mention this product for some time.

I am always very skeptical when a new product comes out that promises to remove pet hair. I think I have tried everything under the sun and moon over the years and few things really work.  Roller sheets are good, but they are expensive and each sheet really does not hold that much hair. Vacuum cleaners are wonderful but who wants to drag that out every time there is hair on something. The best thing that I have used in the past is a simple roll of packaging tape - and I have found that even with that simple item you get what you pay for. 3M works the best. Cheap tape is semi effective and is way too think to be easy to handle.

I am allergic to cats and dogs (some more than others) and yet I can't have a home without them. At one point we had a large, handsome Samoyed  and 9 cats! This product would have been a God send then - and I know that my allergies would have been less severe. I always have these Pet Hair Sweepers on hand now.

My friend, Lauren, and I were off island one day on a shopping expedition and I passed by a rack of these Pledge Pet Sweepers on an end cap at Target...or was it WalMart?? Anyway, I was skeptical but had to give it a try. Amazingly this product truly does work - and works well. It works on couches, bed spreads, blankets, ! Way to go Pledge! 

I am in no way affiliated with Pledge - or Johnson and Johnson but I figure that when I find an item that produces the results it promises it's worth a shout out. I think that it might actually clean a white couch with a passel of black cats (their advertisement on television). If you try this - remember that you DO need to move the sweeper back and forth on the fabric to make it work as well as it can. It's worth a try for all of us pet lover's ! Get the three pack - you'll be glad that you did!


Martha Lever said...

I will definitely have to try this!! i am glad to hear that it really works. Thanks!!!!

Jeannie said...

My cats thank you! Now maybe I won't shriek quite so much as they shed this spring.

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