Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quilt Show! Fidalgo Island Quilter's 2010

 I had to shoot up at an angle to get a photo of this beautiful whole cloth quilt.
It was so wonderfully done!

Every other year - well it used to be every year and might be once again - the Fidalgo Island Quilter's  have an excellent quilt show. I thought that this year's show was one of the best yet and I came away re-energized and ready to run some cloth through my hands again! Every member can enter something in the show and I have done so in the past. The caveat is that everyone must work the show in order to enter (which I understand) and since I can;t stand for too long these days I elected to just have the time to wander and admire the high level of excellent work in the show !

I have chosen some of my favorite pieces for the blog - but it will take a few days to get through - or I would most likely throw Blogger's server into a cyber tizzy fit !  I have posted the photos of the quilts and the maker's name generally below the photos of the work. Have a good time "at the show" !

I 've never seen fleece used to such a great advantage !

This is one of the best landscape quilts I have ever seen! 
The 3D effects were totally awesome!
The pine boughs were amazing and the ferns equally so. 
This quilt should be in Houston!

This mola quilt was another of my favorites. It's brilliant! 
The work was so perfectly executed!
I don't think that I have ever seen RicRac used in a better way!

Most of you know that I am a sucker for traditional quilts. I still love making bed quilts and traditional quilts just seem to 'rock my boat'. I have never understood why some quilter's feel that you must be either a traditional quilter or an art quilter. They are both art and they are both quilting - so what's the beef? I love them both and consider myself simply a quilter - in whatever form the muse moves me.

The quilt below is a brilliant example of a traditional pattern 
that IMHO just screams energy and art. I love this quilt!
Congratulations to all of these wonderful artists for giving us all a feast for the eyes!


imquilternity said...

Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous quilts, Marie! I LOVE the landscape and would love to see it up close. The pine boughs look amazing!

Stacy Hurt said...

Oh Marie! Thank you for sharing these photos. The first one I NEEDED to see! I'm working a triptych in sateen & I was stumped as to how to do the background quiling! I mean with sateen you either have to quilt none of it, or every square inch! This is a beautiful idea with the bands of quilting that really blend but still set off the centerpiece! thank you, thank you, thank you!

SandyQuilts said...

WOW that cat and landscape ... amazing.

Photos there's lots of ways around blogger. I personally load all my photos to webshots. Then I use their "link it" to post mine to blogger. I rarely load direct to blogger ... too much trouble.

You can also use Windows Live to not only load the photos but write your postings.

Actually any of the online photo storage places has some form of link it.

Thanks for the amazing quilt show.

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