Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day. Wishing You All Love & Laughter!

Valentine's Day has always puzzled me just a bit. The idea of choosing one day to be especially loving or thoughtful just never quite sat right with me really - although I have always enjoyed the rewards of this special day I always thought that it would be more pertinent to use this day to commit to making every day a 'Valentine's' day. I mean - if you truly care for someone then you should attempt to treat them lovingly every day right? Would a gold heart that says " Property of Tiffany" mean I am loved more than say a beautiful card and some of my favorite vanilla almonds?  Would a trip to Victoria's Secret mean that I care more for spuse on this day than any other? That is beside the point that  trip to Victoria's Secreat at my stage of life would be a harrowing experience for me as well as my mate!! As the old adage goes- at this point in my life " I am made for comfort not speed"  - and yes, I treasure my Lazy'Girl' chair. Come to think of it why are those chairs always lazy boys? We gals enjoy a good lazy day too !

I was lucky to get a beautiful stargazer lily plant and one of my favorites- a jasmine plant that I am praying I can manage to keep alive for a long time !

I wandered through a few Valentine's sites today looking for answers about why we celebrate this special red heart day. I found lots of interesting things and this post could become a book if I let it - albeit I suppose it might be an interesting little tome. I discovered the usual bits of history that are, actually, well worth noting again:


On February 14 around the year 278 A.D., Valentine, a holy priest in Rome in the days of Emperor Claudius II, was executed. Under the rule of Claudius the Cruel, Rome was involved in many unpopular and bloody campaigns. The emperor had to maintain a strong army, but was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military leagues. Claudius believed that Roman men were unwilling to join the army because of their strong attachment to their wives and families. To get rid of the problem, Claudius banned all marriages and engagements in Rome. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Valentine was arrested and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who condemned him to be beaten to death with clubs and to have his head cut off. The sentence was carried out on February 14, on or about the year 270.

Legend also has it that while in jail, St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it "From Your Valentine." For his great service, Valentine was named a saint after his death. In truth, the exact origins and identity of St. Valentine are unclear. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, "At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies under the date of 14 February." One was a priest in Rome, the second one was a bishop of Interamna (now Terni, Italy) and the third St. Valentine was a martyr in the Roman province of Africa.Legends vary on how the martyr's name became connected with romance. The date of his death may have become mingled with the Feast of Lupercalia, a pagan festival of love. On these occasions, the names of young women were placed in a box, from which they were drawn by the men as chance directed. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius decided to put an end to the Feast of Lupercalia, and he declared that February 14 be celebrated as St Valentine's Day.

Well, that's one theory anyway !  Have a look at the website I found that offers lots of great information about Valentine's Day and it customs and history - as well as many other theories about the beginning of this heart worth day. Look at it all here

One of the most fun things that I found on my web walkabout is this dating through the ages gem from The History Channel - it's just too much fun to NOT take this little quiz. The History channel also offers this fabulous little video about the history of the Valentine's Day card. This is well worth the time and you will see glimpses of the most awesome cards ever ! This woman has an amazing collection she says contains 10,000 pieces.

I guess Valentine's Day is good. It's always a good thing to tell the people that you love that they are special in your life - that, indeed, they grace your life with their love and friendship. I am blessed to have some some 'forever' friends. They hold my past and my future in their hands. I am also blessed to have found a 'forever' husband. No easy feat in this day and age when honesty and integrity can be sorely lacking in many. I had to go through some toads to get here - but  " in love" is a wonderful place to find myself in !  I wish all of you who share my blog journey with me special thanks and hope that your Valentine's Day is blessed with love, laughter and light!

PS: I just was sent a wonderful vision of St. Valentine's day from Kevin Deviercy . Very well done! Have a look at this as well !


kevin deviercy said...

ma vision de la saint valentin pour lui dire je t'aime

et bonne saint valentin !

Jeannie said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I share your sentiments regarding this day. I would love to live in a world where we are treated and respected as we are today. I also love Star Gazer lilies and I have had a Jasmine plant for four years. I leave it in the cold frame during the winter and it has made it through every year. Remember to cut it back as it blooms on new growth. Have a happy week!

Sandy said...

It's a good excuse to get chocolate.

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