Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Journal Pages: My Introduction


I am doing a journal swap with my buddy Kathy. I am, as usual, just a bit behind schedule but this weekend I had the luxury of playing a bit and getting caught up. We decided that the beginning of the journal would be an introduction page made using  a silhouette. this is my page. I did another spread too but want Kathy to enjoy seeing something first. I'd hesitated about posting this age - but decided that she would not mind too much - after all she will see it "in the flesh". I have another two pages to get done this week before I ship this off to her and await her journal in the mail . Journal swaps are fun and  this particular one is magnificently managed by Kim at BlissfullyArtJournaling. Kim's site is a great group and she arranges wonderful swaps - there is always something happening and always some wonderful art to see!

I just got a quilt commission today - making a memory quilt for a woman that I like a lot. It's going to take some time - the shirts that she wants used are poly and cotton -  all knits.... lots of stabilizing in my future. Hummmm do I mean that literally or figuratively d'ya think?! I will enjoy the sound of wonderful sewing machine again .... still not sure how best to charge for this. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

Work week begins again for me in the morning - I wonder if I should visual journal how I feel about that?! More soon!



WildmanDesigns said...

Very nice work, Marie. Your drawings are just as exquisite as your quilts.

sandra wyman said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Marie

Sandy said...

I love the journal.
Charging and pricing for work has always been the hardest part for me.

Karoda said...

I'm sitting here dying of creative dehydration that its tempting to join the journaling group. You keep me amazed in your creative pursuits!

Lynn Douglass said...

I love this piece!

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