Thursday, November 5, 2009

While Visions of Monolines Danced In My Head

These practice sheets account for several hours
trying to master simple monoline letter forms!

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I have been fascinated by lovely handwriting & calligraphy since I was quite young. My mother had a very distinctive hand & I've never seen any other handwriting like hers I guess that she was really the reason that I became intrigued by & desirous of a 'good hand'. I've always been a pen addict - and colored pencils, markers, & paints of all varieties - and have used only fountain pens for everyday use for years. Yes, there is a large & active group of pen obsessed, ink fascinated folks. One of the places that penophiles/stylophiles can be found is at the Fountain Pen Network. They are a really great group and my association with them over the last couple of years has made me want to really learn something more about calligraphy & letterforms.

Because of where I live there have been no options for learning true calligraphy. Luckily Creative Workshops & founder Gail Schmidt,  found a great teacher in Martha Lever who is teaching two wonderful, calligraphy oriented classes. One is just plain fun. Called, aptly enough 'Calligrafun'. The other class that just began on Monday, November 11 is called 'Italic Calligraphy' and is is a more structured, formal approach to learning the Italic letterforms. I am thrilled that these classes are availble to me now!


This is the first page I started with. These are called monoline forms - & they are more difficult than they may appear. Just getting the right shape for the 'a' is difficult let alone the spacing issues I obviously have !

Getting better at the end of my "school" day. Still a long way to go.
I cannot wait to become good enough to skillfully use what I learn on my quilts!


Sandy said...

I'll still comment.

Judy H in NC said...

Just wish they did more "handwriting" in school these days. In the 8th grade I was so disappointed because I had to take typing rather than Mr. Wilbanks art class (he was also the history teacher) and he taught calligraphy.

WildmanDesigns said...

Nice job, Marie! And now you know there is no such thing as "simple" monoline forms. I love the way that exercise teaches one to focus on the negative space that is being created by a line.

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