Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Although It May Appear That I Fell Off the Edge Into The Great Abyss ...

I cannot believe how long it has been - and I really have no good reason to offer. Spouse, as I mentioned previously, was off until last Sunday. I have been working, but working on deadline projects - and I've had little time to post.

I made a series of "N" ATC's for a 'use the letter N' swap and, since I love the Duc DuBerry's Les Tres Riches Heures (this book of hours always rocks my boat) when I heard that we needed to use the letter N I immediately thought of DuBerry's "November". I used a miniature along with other "n" words ringing the card. The cards themselves are made from Etal metal covered materials. Etal was rather popular some time back but right now I cannot find them on a quick Google (or Bing) search I think that perhaps they are no longer. You can see and read about the stuff though on this Australian site. Too bad they are no longer popular because the metal covered material was really interesting and adds a nice heft to ATC's..... glad I bought a scrap bag of it when I did!

These are a few more ATC's I made as "thank-you's" & also for a 'personal' swap with Darlene Pringle from Roses On My Table's   ATC swap group. My little card "Be Peace" actually is much brighter than this photo reveals. It's copper leafed with a green mottles background.

So that's what I have been doing for a bit of my time. I have also taken a bit of extra time off to catch up on some online classes - and that has been great to do. I am taking a wonderful online calligraphy class from Martha Lever through Creative Workshops. It's a great class that has only began yesterday - and Martha also offers a wonderful class called "Calligrafun" which is one of my catch ups. Creative Workshops is run by artist Gail Schmidt and there are some really wonderful classes in the lin up. What I especially like about class offerings through Creative Workshops is that the classes are always available - they don;t 'disappear' when the class ends - so it's easy to take the lessons really on your schedule - even if you wait for a long time for one reason or another - i.e. life happening !

I may even have a second post for tomorrow about my adventures in Italic land! Monoline ah ha!

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