Monday, September 14, 2009

Texture Magic From Superior Threads : A First Experiment

Many of you know that I love to try out new things. Recently, I have noticed this new item called "Texture Magic" that comes from one of my favorite thread suppliers - Superior Thread. 

New product? Have to try! I really was not sure how, or indeed if I would make use of this stuff, but today I though I would try it with some wool prefelt (from my fav OutBack Fibers. Since I was not sure what this would or would not do I wasn't ready to devote too much of my pre felt to a test, but used several square samples that I have had for awhile.
First up was a square of prefelt with some randomly sewed lines - loose and free motion. Then the steam iron as described - not touching the backing. Lovely, yummy, texture easily made. If I used some of my fun threads I can definitely see this as a textural tool that I will enjoy using with both wool and cotton.
PS: it really helps to view the texture in the photos if you double click on them

Next, I tried using some of the same prefelt squares, but I used a double thickness this time and sewed a  triangular grid. I was not at all as happy with this sort of texture, although I suppose that I should have expected that since I was controlling more of the space with the triangles it was to be expected that there might be less texture. If it had been a 50% shrinkage factor rather than the 30% as advertised it might have been more pleasurable. I will stick with the much easier random, free form lines I think! 
I am looking forward to some more experimenting now and will from now on use larger, more usable pieces so that I can make some nice small bags. One thing that I will consider with my next experiments is that the lining like material  (the "Texture Magic") gets a bit 'noisy' or crinkly when the piece is finished (it reminds me a lot of a lining material) so I plan to line anything that I use this with. I am going to try sandwiching the "Texture Magic" between two pieces of prefelt to see if it will: 
1) still work well and 2) cut down on the crinkle noise. Of course I really do have to also try this with some silk and some cotton and linen. Ah! More to learn and more things to play with! Just as I like it!
I think Superior Threads has added another great product to their 'superior' line-up of sewing realated items and fabulous thread!

ADDENDUM - added after original post: 
As usual I just could not leave well enough alone and made another sample using a silk sandwich - with the Texture Magic inside - worked like a charm and I   r-e-a-l-l-y like the possibilities here! Next up will be a silk sandwich with batting (ie: silk, batting, texture magic, silk) and a wool sandwich with batting. All done with wonky lines which I am convinced wirk the best - for the effects that I want anyway!


phonelady said...

that is awesome my dear and you totally rock . Good for you that you can put such awesome stuff together . thanks for sharing .

sandra wyman said...

Love these especially the ruched-looking pieces!

Joyce said...

Ahhh, another thing to add to my want list...

Annie said...


I enjoyed seeing your experiments with Texture Magic. I've designed a number of patterns using TM, so have played with it quite a bit. I, too, like the wonky stitches the best. However, I have found that if you use your machine's serpentine stitch in a grid pattern, you get a cool effect without the grid showing. You might also try a decorative stitch on your machine for some of the stitching. That's fun, too.

If you use a steamer to shrink the TM(rather than a steam iron), you should find that you eliminate the crinkly sound. Superior Threads sells a wonderful steamer that makes using TM a real breeze. It's much quicker and more effective that a steam iron and the TM stays really soft and flexible. My friend Ricci made a jacket and just let the TM be her lining -- it's beautiful.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I love the piece on your banner on your blog. Lovely!

Annie Unrein

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