Sunday, September 13, 2009

Book Review: " TransparencIy In Textiles"

I was very excited when I saw this title, "Transparency In Textiles" by Dawn Thorne, because that is what has recently fascinated me as I continue my experiments with the new Golden Digital Grounds. When I received the book it was not what I had thought it would be - although I must confess that I was not totally sure what I thought would be included in the book - probably more about transfers and photo imagery. Of course sometimes youo get something that, although not what you expected, is fabulous none-the-less.
Some of the techniques that Ms. Thorne demonstrates are things that we have all probably though about before, but there are also some really creative new angles that she introduces that make the book worth the price. Many techniques revolve around tools that most of use already have on hand if we are involved in "art textiles". Hopefully, having some photos from the book will peak your curiosity enough to give this refreshing look at creating transparency in textiles a try. For me, purchasing this book was another one of those moments when I realize I should not let my 'expectations' get in the way of appreciating new, creative ways to look at things!
I ordered my copy of this book from  from Joggles - one my favorite, most friendly,  purveyor all things creative and fun!

I am really enjoying some of the new changes to Blogger - makes navigation, uploading of photos, editing and writing a post much easier. Thanks Blogger!


phonelady said...

Boy howdy I think everytime I come back to blogger something is easier and newer . easier navigation and I love it . I really like that book . You enjoy the textiles I know . great blog and thanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

Another book I need. Thanks for pointing it out.

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