Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Thread Magic" Update & The Last Of The Topsy Turvey Tomato Harvest

Last evening, not being content to do the things that I aught to be doing, I decided to see how my experiment would look if I whipped it into a small bag. The size of the square made for a cosmetic sized bag - but hey ! it was just for fun anyway right!  All in all I am happy with the look and am now anxious to try some more experimentation .. better order some more though since I am almost out now!

I harvested almost all of the remaining tomatoes from the "Topsy Turvy" planters, although I think I have a little more than this amount left on the vines. Despite the leaf curl & yellowing I think that I got quite a decent yield, although perhaps not as much as plants in the ground in a warmer climate might have offered. All of the fruits have bee healthy and yummy - so I guess I can;t complaint. Next year I will see how frequent food does - perhaps that is what these plats needed to counter no being in the ground and having a larger root system?

1 comment:

phonelady said...

Oh my god what beautifull tomatoes !! Ours did nothing too much rain here this year and not enough sun . the topsy turvy got thrown out will never buy another one of those . we had alot of leaf curling too . I love the little bag too . You are awesomely creative with the sewing seems to me everything you touch comes out so beautifull . so can we call you Marie the king midas girl ? LOL !!! just joking dear have a good day and a good evening .

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