Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All's Quiet On The Western Front: A Glimpse of My World

It's been quiet today - there was a brilliant blue sky and the air held a crispness  that reminded me of the way the East Coast smells in the Fall - just not quite as tangy.  Fall is one of the times that I miss the East and it is is the Fall that I feel, almost, a bit home sick for the Eastern shores. When I moved here to the West Coast many years ago I was struck the most by the differences in smells. The Atlantic and the Pacific smell altogether differently. The Atlantic has a sharp tang that hints of the European settlers that settled along it's shores - and at the robustness of the Native Americans who made the Eastern shores their home long before the "New World" was a twinkle in any European adventurer's eye.  The Pacific, by contrast, seems softer to me. The smells are not biting, the sea bird's calls seem less strident & the air feels more  salubrious. I am a child of both coasts now I suppose;  one of my birth and one of my adulthood.
I did not accomplish much today - that's because I slept in until 'Chance' told me that I better get up and sling some cat food his way - or was it that he wanted to get out the door and into the sparkling air?! Of course today I felt great - just before I return to work tomorrow. My bones are telling me that tomorrow there may be rain and the weather prognosticator's confirmed that presage. By week's end, they say, summer will have returned along with more summer like temperatures.  
I had to post down here today - rather at the top of the page - because I am getting used to some of the wonderful new updates that Google & Blogspot have introduced. They are always offering new improvements - great job ! More 'real' news of fabrics, yarns, books and art soon! Have a great Wednesday!



that was a good read and i do so love pictures.

my dad was station in tacoma for a while and he loved it so much, said it never got too hot or too cold...the cold is what he hated the most.

phonelady said...

You live in a truly magnificent and beautifull place . I would just love to live there I think . My gosh I love it from the pics already . I know what you mean about the coasts smelling different I agree after visiting seattle last yr with an old school buddy . wow how impressive !!! Great blog dear and you have a great wed as well .

Deb said...

Yes, I miss Fall in New York down here in Georgia too. I've been scouting for a clay firepit so I can sit in the front garden and burn a few oak leaves just for the smell.

My family is asking for me to fly up for my birthday mid October. I may just take them up on it.

Although I've never sniffed the pacific coast, I have marked the difference between the NE Atlantic and even the same ocean off the coast of Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico - all other waters seem weak by comparison.

Sandy said...

It's so beautiful where you live. I love being close to nature.

judy coates perez said...

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I think it is my memory of the smell of a New England fall that I miss so much, too. I have enjoyed being in Chicago because it is the closest I have come to experiencing a real autumn since my childhood in Maine and Massachusetts. You are right about that ocean smell being different, I love that briny stinky smell of the Atlantic.

imquilternity said...

Gorgeous photos, Marie!!

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