Monday, September 7, 2009

Historical Fiction: " The Virgin's Daughters" by Jeane Westin & Some Great Classes On CreativeWorkshops.Ning.Com

I feel as if I have been "off-blog" for too long. Honestly there is not too much to report in the last few days. How interesting is it, really, to photograph cutting many yards of two inch strips for my quilt?? It will, I think become a beauty. Traditional, comforting & yes, I believe it will indeed be full of the Many Blessings" that Darlene Zimmerman's title suggests it will have. Yesterday I was in bed all day - feeling rather icky. Nothing too bad - just a change in the weather from warm and sunny to cold and rainy and a bit of stomach 'thing'. Being in bed, it turned out , was not too bad of thing (other than that I felt like I lost time - to draw or sew- or clean or cook) because it gave me time to read my latest find from the library. I may have been the first one on the list for this book and I was glad that I was!

I have to admit that when I first picked up this book, 'The Virgin's Daughters' by Jeane Westin, I was not at all certain what to expect - especially because I had just read "The Virgin Queen's Daughter by Ella March Chase (another 5 star rating from me). Some of the names in this book were not familiar to me - which was a pleasure - although time & placement made me realize that they were not thoroughly fictitious and, while the bulk of this novel was rather historically correct I liked the way Ms. Westin changed the things that she did in order to make the story flow more easily - she has a deft touch with words & historical sequence! I enjoyed the way the novel skillfully weaves together the stories of two women who both served in the court of Elizabeth the First & who both fell in love (an awkward proposition when one was in service to the Queen apparently!). One woman, lady Katherine Gray falls in love with the forbidden Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford ,during the the earlier years of Elizabeth's reign and Mary Rogers , who fell in love with the Queen's Godson during the waning years of her reign. I finished this book in near record time; meaning that I found it to be completely enjoyable and eminently readable! I can't wait to see what Ms. Westin chooses to write about next- and I hope that it will not be too long a wait before her next novel is published. Put me on the "pre-order" list now please!

So today I was feeling better & was back into the general swing of life. A great read finished & I got back to my cutting & piecing, cutting & piecing. I have been thoroughly enjoying an on-line class that I am taking called "Calligra-FUN" by Martha Lever. It has given me a whole new outlook on how to use brush pens! The best thing of all if that Ms. Lever is going to also offer a more structured on-line class in italic handwriting. Just what I have been looking for. The line-up of classes offered on Creative Workshops is really outstanding! I love the format - learn at your pace and the videos don't disappear after a period of time . Fresh teachers, fresh classes, reasonable pricing and just plain FUN! This is the third class that I have taken from them - and one I still need to actually DO!


phonelady said...

Oh good to know that you are feeling better . I am glad that you enjoyed this book also . I think I might to try to find that one at a book trade . sometimes you can find good ones at a trade site . Great blog dear .


well, all i can say is it sounds to me that you did not waste time if you spent the day reading...good review of the book... and the online classes. i hope that today is a better day.

Karoda said...

Hi Marie! there is something about the coming of fall and winter that always egdges me on to want to make a bed quilt...I never do, but the feeling is always there.

Happy to hear that Martha's class is fun...I wish I could have gotten my act together to take it along with you...but you know how it many goals and dreams and time is not long enough ;)

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