Monday, July 27, 2009

"The Virgin Queen's Daughter" by Ella March Chase

Despite the somewhat racy looking covers that these so called historical fiction 'romances' seem plagued to have, this book is a most enjoyable read for those of us who enjoy Tudor & Elizabethan history. Of course many of us have heard the rumor told that Elizabeth became pregnant at a young age my her step mother, Jane's, husband, Lord Thomas Seymour. Far stranger things happened during that time and I suspect that Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, becoming pregnant under such circumstances could possibly go a long way towards making the decisions of her later life even more understandable. Ella March Chase has done a remarkable job of fashioning a fabulously believable tale surrounding this timeless rumor and wites about what might have happened had Elizabeh, in fact, become pregnant and, in a not that unlikely turn of events, the child was surreptitiously spirited away to be raised in another family. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was sorry when it ended.

I hope there will be more great reads from this author!

Available from your fabulous local, independent, bookseller or from Amazon.

1 comment:

Kyra said...

I wasn't familiar with this title. Thanks - I've been reading loads of Victorian mysteries via my iTouch Kindle app. I'll look for this title.

Best, Kyra

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