Sunday, July 26, 2009

Consider The World Light

The page above was made using some of the "shibori dyed rice paper" I made, an image on organza, gold leaf and, of course inks. The poem reads:

Consider the world light,
and the spirit is not burdened;
consider myriad things slight,
and the mind is not confused.
Consider life and death equal,
and the intellect is not afraid;
consider change as sameness,
and clarity is not obscured.

This is one of six ATC's that I recently made. The theme is Self-Portrait. Unfortunately I did not read the directions thoroughly enough to see realize that these will not fit the bill. So, if anyone has a card they would like to swap, let me know. They are not all exactly alike - the silks behind the image are somewhat different...but they are similar.


sandra wyman said...

Would love to do a card swap with you - love this card! Am currently making some from ideas used in little book (which is going off to Festival of Quilts this week) I'm making a whole lot for FOQ to swap with people. Love your artwork! Purrs from Bixy, Django and Pepper

Stacy said...

That ATC is GORGEOUS! I will swap with you in a heartbeat!

Cathy said...

I absolutely LOVE these pieces. The first one with the shibori dyed rice paper is just fabulous! And the ATC is very intriguing. Great work.

Fibreartist said...

Could I please swap with you? I love your ATC! Donna

PaMdora said...

Great choice for a poem. Doesn't matter what size they are!

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