Monday, July 27, 2009

Two Ways To Happiness

I have started a series of these small mixed media pages which will showcase some of my favorite new J.Herbin inks - and experimenting with some of my new dip pens. The top photo uses J.Herbin Pearlescent Pink (for calligraphy) and J.Herbin Rose Cyclamen (for fountain pens and drawing). For the nibs I used a Brause nib in a great Brause holder - the holder allows for two ends - two nibs on one holder is a great idea!
This 'happiness' was made using a combination of J.Herbin and Sakura inks. Hopefully I will manage to get the 20 page series done - using a varity of Kanji and J.Herbin inks, Clairefontaine watercolor paper (my fav) and a wide variety of fabuous Brause nibs.


Sandy said...

Very nice.

Lynn Douglass said...

Very cool pieces, Marie. I look forward to seeing more of them! Thank you for sending me hugs via Stacy's blog. Maybe next year, you could take a little trip to see a Southern California show! I'd love it!

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