Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday:: Gratefulness

It occurred to me the other morning that, although I give thanks for things to myself (meaning - or is it confirming - that I often talk to myself!) that I seldom write of the myriad things for which I give thanks. Every day my life is blessed - and every day I am grateful for the good things that have touched me.

Today, at the beginning of a Western Washington heatwave of prognosricator's historic size, I thought that I would express my gratefulness for all things cool. The coolness that falls on the land as the sun sets and night creeps in along i9n along the edges, the coolness that settles after the plants are watered at the end of a hot day, the bits of dew that cling to rose's petals - promise to somehow preserves the sweet scent for later.

Yes, I am grateful for small bits of coolness in an otherwise hot landscape. I love seeing how the forgs stay cool under the sheltering leaves of a large lamb's ear plant, the cat's laze under the rails of the deck chairs, we laze about in front of the fans. Yes, I will treasure any bits of cool I can find this week!

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