Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just Recived: A Box Full Of Surprises!

I adore being surprised and, let's face it, the older we get the fewer real surprises seem to happen. This week, however, my inimitable post person, Jan, came up the steps & said "looks like you hit the jackpot" as she handed over a few books that I had ordered along with a box - a large box at that - from Karen at Exaclair. Although we had been discussing (via emails) some of the products in this box - the box itself came as a complete surprise. I am so excited that I can barely wait for the weekend so that I can play. I have a plan for trying out some of this booty - and, although it may take some time to execute, I think it will be a fun art experiment in the long run.
Above you can see the array of the sample packs of ink,
the fabulous nib holders, galss dip pen &
an assortment of high quality Brause calligraphy nibs.
What, you might wonder, could possible get an old gal's blood runnig hot & fast? Paper and inks of course ! Karen from my fav company, Exaclair, sent these fabulous sample boxes of the various inks that are among the company's offerings. There are pigmented inks, calligrapher's inks & pearlescent inks and they all arrive beautifully packaged in cute bottles. These sample packs arrived nestled among several bottles of J.Herbin fountain pen inks that have been on my radar (and Karen could not have that they were!) for some time now. They are reds! Reds! Reds! She sent me a glass dip pen,a tapered nib holder and the Brause nib holder that's in the photo below. I just had to take a photo of this adorable pen nib that is made in the a shape of a hand with the index finger being the nib point- is that great or what?! I have so much to learn and I am so glad of it!
Below is the "hand" shaped nib and a Brause nib holder.
Karen also included a box of a newer line from Clairefontaine called Pollen Papers. Pollen papers are available in rectangles, squares, rounds & in rainbow packs like mine. I am not sure why they settled on that name but when I look at the colors I think of flowers & pollens flying about (we won't consider the allergy stand point in this vision!)- making flowers of all colors and descriptions! Anyway, this is an awesome paper - super smooth & lovely to move your pen across! This rainbow box of colors makes writing notes or letters more fun - and you can pick a color that will especially please the recipient! I can't wait to work on my plan to showcase all of the great products! I am truly grateful that, for some unknowable reason, I have been chosen as an ad hoc "product explorer" for Exaclair. I have held their products in high esteem for quite some time before I connected with Karen and I am proud to be able to offer some of my very small, humble, art pieces as examplers using some of their fine, high-quality products. Thanks Karen! I can't wait to get to work with these inks and papers! The envelopes are self-seal to boot ! Yeah !


Vicki W said...

Who needs diamonds when you get gifts like that in the mail!

Sandy said...

What a super surprise. Isn't testing the greatest? You'll have so much fun and create beautiful pieces too. The color range is nice.

Jeannie said...

I am so excited for you! Have a wonderful time experimenting!

Stacy said...


Jacq said...

I hope your having fun this weekend with all your goodies.

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