Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pen Roll

One of the small little projects that I managed to complete this week was making a pen roll for my own pens. THis one is made from some beautiful vintage kimono silks from Ah! Kimono. I line the part that holds the pens with 100% wool felt - it seems to keep them well protected and free of scratches. I was ahppily surprised this morning to find that a nice woman had ordered two of them - in a smaller size; one for her and one for her husband! That's a nice way to begin a work day!
It' snowing here again today but the temperature is milder. More snow is in the forecast for later today. I am a henny penny about driving in ice and snow. Growing up in Connecticut did not help me with that unreasonable fear so I had to have DH drive me in to work today. I hate that feeling that I get in the pit of my stomach when you feel your wheels start to slide. I am, truly a white knuckle driver in snow! We'll see how the predictions match up to the reality for tomorrow. Hope everyone is staying warm and safe - unless you are in southern climes in which case I wish you'd send some sunny thoughts my way!


Robin said...

Very sweet Christmas present to yourself! I especially love the kimono cloth on the outside. Nice that you've gotten two orders!

Henny penny? Yes, me too! I was fearless as a young woman in Minnesota... I'd drive in a full blizzard without a hint of fear. Age and hills have changed that.

But, thanks to your ho-ho-ho post, I'm not a sniveling-moping-house-bound henny penny anymore. In fact, I'm headed for my studio right now!

Karoda said...

Gorgeous and creative! To have one's treastured pens wrapped in silk sounds very fitting. Congrats on the sales.

tiedyejudy said...

We're getting snowed on here, too! Only this year, I get to stay home and enjoy it! We did go to the store yesterday in hubby's antique Jeep Wagoneer w/4wd, and had no problems. But all other trips are cancelled for me until the storm ends. Too nice to stay inside and putter!

Sandy said...

I have something like this but not nearly as elegant for my knitting needles. What a good idea, and it's something for a man too.

Vicki W said...

Cool pen roll! For some reason I kind of enjoy driving in the snow. I don't know why!

Waltraud said...

So beautiful!

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