Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How I Managed To Recover My Merry HoHoHo!

I doodled a bit - always good to let my mind wander

After yesterday's post I realized that I was letting the discomfort of Fibro & CFS get to me. I hate it when I do that, but sometimes the pain level is just too much! These are the things I did yesterday to snap out of it! After I posted I decided that I had to unstick myself. For me, there is only one way to do that - take the first step. I began by wrapping some of DH's gifts, wondering all the while what he would like, what he would use & what might not end up being a 'winner'. Wrapping gifts actually made me feel better. It was a start. Next I started some chicken and dumplings for tonight's dinner - it's the perfect weather for this kind of comfort food & I had been having a hankering for this dish all of last week anyway. Next, thanks to DH bringing the stamps home on a break, I actually got the cards in the mail. Another resounding affimation that I was not yet permanently attached to the chair or the bed! Doing something makes doing more so much easier! Today I think I can wrap some gifts that need to get sent out - who knows, maybe they might get to their destinations for the holidays after all !
The deck had some remarkably amusing things on it!
This bird house was called "Bunk's House in honor
of our oldest cat our passed away at 19 several years ago.

I picked up my lino cutters and did some cutting - this is one that I had started & then stopped -
it was good to finish it & also made me feel good to be moving along some part of the 'creative trail'!
I marveled, as I always do at this time of year at how important warm feet are!
These are knitted with wonderful, warm, Perendale Wool & they are then fulled.

I will always be grateful to Sarah for making me realize that I simply HAD to learn to knit these booties. I have not suffered from cold feet since I learned to make them. They are, simply the cure for cold feet. Kat Bordhi does such a great job of explaingin things clearly in her book called "Socks That Soar". I was below being a neophyte knitter when I began making these. I told this story last year I think - so those of you who have read the blog for that long can just glaze over for this part. Sarah made me my first pair of these as a Christmas gift and, when we traveled to the mainland together, she would use the time to try to teach me how to make them.At that point I did not know a knit from purl or a circular needle from a crochet hook so it was like Sarah was trying to teach me Greek in an hour. It didn't work. When she moved to Maine though I knew that I was in trouble and that I simply had to buckle down and learn to make these 'cold busters' myself. The rest, as they say, is history. I ended up making about 10 pairs of them for myself and for gifts. I would not want to face a winter without them! Thanks to Sarah for her patience with me and to Cat Bordhi for her wonderful book! Next I am going to go for two socks at a time !

Thanks to all of you who write. I so appreciated your notes. I guess I was in a bit of funk - and you helped make me want to climb out of the 'garbage pail' - as Frederick Perls would have said. I know most of you are too young to remember his type of gestalt therapy ! I never liked the idea of it but he wrote a book whose title I just loved : "In and Out The Garbage Pail".


Sandy said...

I'm glad you are out of your funk-what a good way to do it.

Robin said...

This sentence:

Doing something makes doing more so much easier!

puts you right up there with the wisest of the wise! Thanks! And thanks also for the reminder about Fritz Perl's book, which I have somewhere, but haven't read for a long time.... Excuse me now, I'm headed to the garbage pail!!!

Tender hugs, Robin

Karoda said...

handling sharp tools when you're coming out of a funk???? you're so brave :)

happy to read you have your holiday mojo, or ho ho, going!

Melinda Cornish said...

doing the simple things always makes me feel better..like making chicken and dumplings...just keep on plugging along thats my motto....Melinda

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