Friday, December 19, 2008

More New Old Pens For Me!

The beautiful Sheaffer Snorkel Pallidium nib - extra fine.
Made of silver. I love the look of this nib!

Yesterday's mail brought treasure. Vintage pens that have been re-conditioned. I bought the sage green Sheaffer Statesman Snorkel on Ebay for very little. It really didn't work at that point. DH found this other, amazing, Sheaffer Balance in his desk drawer. It belonged to a relative. Although this one worked fairly well I wanted to have it gone over to make sure that it's innards were in good condition. I sent them to Danny Fudge at the Write Pen. He worked his magic and sent them back to me. Oh My! I had NO idea of how utterly amazing vintage pens are to write with! Super smooth - they glide on the paper! Of course that might not be that surprising when you think about it. Many pens today are made to be works of art - most of the write beautifully. These older pens though were made when writing with a fountain pen was what you did. The matierials were excellent and they were designed to w-r-i-t-e - all the time. They were the work- horse pens of their time.
This is the gold "Lifetime" nib on the gorgeous Sheaffer Balance. Sweet writer!
Here they are, my two new old Sheaffers. The sage green pen on the top is a snorkel - that refers to the filling mechanism. A snorkel comes out from unde that beautiful Pallidium nib and sucks up the ink. It was supposed to be a tidier way to refill the pen. The Balace on the bottom is made from an incredibly beautiful celluloid material. It's a "lever" filler.

Tomorrow I am going to shar a magazine that is devted to - what else - pens! Who would have thought that thre could be one .. but there is! In fact there are two. The one I am going to show you is filled with lush photographs, lots of information and is just a fabulous resource. I am excited about pens - they make my life richer somehow - journaling with a pen that glides is an experience I wish you all could know. I write so much more now - and it does not tire my hand and wrist. Now I need to find a way to get some vintage pens that I can use to teach myself to restore them. No! I have not been idle - several art and fiber projects are nearing completion and I can;t wait to share them with you !


Karoda said...

i was just getting ready to google calligraphy pens to see what online suppliers there are and lookey here!!!! its all about the pen passion!

Robin said...

Ooooh, yummmmmm!!!

Would you photograph a sample of your writing with some of these pens?

Thanks for this feast!

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