Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stylus Magazine: All The Beauty Of Pens Between The Pages

I know that many of you will not understand my obvious obsession with fountain pens. I began using fountain pens when I was 14 and pens have always (even when it meant using ball points or roller balls) fascinated me. I really love objects that are both functional as well as beautiful. Some of my favorite Japanese pens ,which, unless I win a lottery, I am unlikely to be able to own, are made so that the upper most lacquer finish actually becomes lighter with age, allowing the underlying painting to become more visible. Recently, the very generous publisher of Stylus pens sent me not one but two issues to sample before I subscribed (thank you Mary Anne!). Oh! what a magazine. It's the art of the pen that makes me swoon - the successful blending of form and function. Stylus is a magazine about the art of pens. Fabulous! Remember - all of the photos can be clicked on to see some of the amazing detail in the following photos!
This article was written just for me I'm sure -
especially since I am , perforce, be on a budget!
This article was also written with me in mind -
since I am a new convert to the amazing qualities of vintage pens !

This is one of my favorite types of Japanese pens - maki-e .
Look at how the hummingbird just hovers on the pens surface!
More one of kind art pens -
Can you see the details in those fish on the pen and the blooms in the second?
This is the sort of pen I lust for - very simple design and with no pocket clip.
I know that I will win a lottery someday right?!
These pens are all made from "famous wood" .
The shows one made from the Grant-Lincoln tree & the one below it is made from the U.S.S. Constitution
There are wonderful articles about some well know nib-meisters - masters at making a pen write just the way you want it to. You can tell them that you would like an xtra xtra fine, moderately wet writing, left oblique nib - and they will fashion it perfectly - just for you. Amazing, and generally under- appreciated talents! What a very fine magazine ! Yes ! I AM going to subscribe - as soon as pay day rolls around this month!


Karoda said...

Marie, you and this magazine? it was destiny!

whalesforever said...

Bravo pens, ink, slow silver film and wooden boats! Rangefinder cams.
Fountain Pen Hospital and Paradise Pen catalogs celebrate literacy, personal communication,
childhood joy. Charmed by the sentiment of wood from the seats of Dodger stadium... Sigh, Puck reappears, bidding me an offer of the #2 pencils used by Steinbeck to write East of Eden.
Or the goal writ small, a twig, forest dust, 3 year old, drawn animal!
Delight the goal!
Joe Fowler

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