Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Completed & One Just Beginning

Flat Feet yarn being unknit to knit. Really a tidy way to knit the fine yarn needed for socks!

Socks. One pair finished & another just begun. The ones on the bottom of the page were began this summer using Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn. Noro yarns in general, and Kureyon in particular, are generally my favorite yarns to work with. I suppose my favorite Noro Yarn is Silk Garden - and Noro has just introduced a sock yarn version - which I am hoping to get this week. I was not, I have to admot, overely fond of knitting socks with Kuryeon. While the thick and thin looks marvelous in sweaters and bags I am not that thrilled with it in socks. I had heard that the texture imporves with washing and this is true. It did "bloom" well in it's first wash. The socks look nice & are nice and warm despite their relative thinness. There are othertyarns that I think are more pleasant to knit socks with though. I think that the Silk Garden will be lovely - despite the inherent quality of thick and thin that it also has. It's softer because of the silk in the yarn and I think it will handle better. I am glad that I made these socks - and may try another ball of Kuryeon in another color way sometime...just not right away!

I try to make myself finish one pair of socks before I begin another - so once the Kuryeon's were finished I was able to try the new Flat Feet yarn from Conjoined Creations. The sock yarn is preknit on a knitting machine, dyed in the flat and then you knit off the flat to make the socks Of course it is curly as you "unknit" it in order to knit it again, but I can't say that it seems to be any problem. It's a lot tidier than knitting from a ball of yyarn and it seems to flatten just fine as you knit it up. No different really than any other yarn in that respect. Flat Feet is available from many retailers - and, hopefully, your own local yarn shop. Knit Picks offers a fabulous plain version of this flat sock yarn - you can dye your own with one of their cool kits. That will definately be my next purchase - or maybe I will ask Santa to get me the blank and the dye for Christmas .. yeah! That's a good though! Anyway, my feet are warm & I enjoy both knitting and wearing socks that a bit differnt than the everyday.
A Flat Feet yarn piece in the process of being knitted. Great color combinations!
My socks made from Noro Kuryeon sock yarn. Pretty and warm!


Vicki W said...

I should have kept my knitting machine - I'd have something else that I could dye!

Sandy said...

I love the socks. Hand knit ones are so much nicer.

Waltraud said...

Wonderful socks. I also love to knit in this time now.

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