Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dye Painting Plus : An Energizing Workshop With Ann Johnston

WoW! What an amazing view from the hill!

I spent last Thursday, Friday & Saturday in a workshop entitled "Dye Painting Plus" with Ann Johnston. We had a contingent of islanders in the class and it was fun to be able to ride the ferry together both before & after the workshop. Master organizer, Janet F., had a heck of time finding a suitable venue for this workshop which, by definition almost, is messy & requires a large space, water & a relatively impervious flooring! I think it took Janet most of a year searching for a place to hold this class. Quilt diva & designer of fine patterns , Kathy , graciously offered us the use of her (really her dear husband's I think!) amazingly spacious, well heated, over-sized 3 car garage for us to use. There were 19 of us in this workshop - space was really at a premium & I think that the constrictions were quite difficult for many of us. It was the best that it could be under the circumstance however and I think we all learned a LOT. Most difficult was finding space to set fabrics to cure - I layered mine and set them on the floor near my chair, but many folks did not even have space to do that.

I had long wanted to confirm what I thought I knew about dye painting & the use of print paste. A review of low water immersion (or, for many , an introduction to to the porcess) started the workshop off. Mid-way into the first day we were introduced to the use of print paste mix & then we all "took-off" from there! Ann brought lots of wonderful examples of her work for us to admire. The 'class kit' for this workshop is awesome - one of the best I have ever seen. The cost was $55.00 but it was more than well worth the money. Ann also made additional dyes, urea, soda, print paste, fabrics, tools & all of her wonderful books available for us to buy. This is always something that I really appreciate from teachers who are able to provide this luxury. My location means that I have to order everything I need on line - so having the ability to buy the things I need without the shipping charges is really an advantage.
This is how it all began - notice all of those goodies for the 'class kit' lined up waiting for us?! This is the room I was in looking towards the 'other' work space at the front of the 'garage'.
This piece just awed me. Ann painted this Baltimore design with dyes &. obviously, the tinyest of brushes ;
I would gues a 000 size.I did not measure it but I think the whole 'quilt'
was only 9 or 10 inches square! It was hand quilted & was truly amazing!
Look at this work! The piece was in protective plastic - hence the reflections.
First day review of low water immersion techniques.
I had almost forgotten how much fun this is to do !
I had to add some socks to the brew in small jars.
Here is Ann on the right answering some questions.
'My' side of the two room garage. There were three to a table in the back - friends Janet, Linda & Jan really had it rough. Robin (in the red apron) & I lucked out & had extra space because our table mate chose to move to another spot on the first day. Even with the additional space it was very difficult to move in& out of the row. Robin bit her tongue I am sure since I was back and forth a lot. Nonetheless, we were the 'lucky ones'. There were 4 other folks on the other side of this room.
This is the front room of the 'garage'. These tables had only two to a table ---- not sure how it happened that our room ended up with 3 to a table. You can see everyone was really engaged in
their work.
Ann demonstrating one of her great techniques.
You can see how fast she is moving from the blur on her hand and arm!
Janet, Linda & Jan get studious despite the space constrictions they had!
Robin holding her first day low water immersion project - which turned out fabulously!
Here is our hostess, Kathy, on the left. She did not even take the class - if you can believe that !
Linda is on the right enjoying some much needed water. The heat & humidity that we needed to cure the fabric also made us need to keep ourselves hydrated!


Vicki W said...

Color me pea green with envy! That would be about 60% gold with 40% sky blue!

Sandy said...

Ann is an awesome teacher. I was lucky enough to take from her when our guild had her-she's in our guild.

Karoda said...

Ann's books are my staples! Did you get her reissued book design? If so, give it a review when you can!

Robin said...

I need to send you pictures I took of YOU in the class so you can add them to this post... also... what about showing pictures of your fabulous fabrics?!!!

Note to other readers... Marie was prolific and dye-painted some really original and striking fabrics! It was inspiring to be her table-mate.

Hugs, Robin A.

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