Wednesday, November 12, 2008

JetPens Pentastic Christmas: Pens For Kids: An Easy Way To Support Education in Africa

Some of you are already aware of my fountain pen fixation...well maybe it's just a fixation with pens in general. Even when I did use ballpoints or rollerballs I was rather picky. I like the perfect point and the perfect ink. Ink? Oh! I love colored inks - and color in pens & pencils. I love all of the possibilities that pens & colors promise. When I decided that it was high time to return to using only fountain pens I could only find one pen that has continued to journey with me from my youth. It's a Pelikan 120 with a still perfect italic nib. I wanted something that would work for every day use. I found Jetpens. This is a place that offers all of the best in pens of all types - a world of pens; fountain, rollerball, ballpoints & colors - oh! the fabulous lines - and many brands -of colored pens & pencils they offer! No ! I am not affiliated with this company - I just appreciate their selection & their customer service.

JetPens is also doing a great thing right now in conjunction with Pens For Kids. They hope to donate thousands of pens to children in Africa who needs pens in order to further their education. All you need to do is to join JetPens Face Book group.... have a look. It's such an easy way to get a simple, but meaningful instrument for change & education into the hands of a needy child. Check out JetPens to learn more about this program....and, while your there, have a look at all they offer too !

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