Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Memory Of The Ellery Boys

Each year, it seems, I post the same photo of my dearly loved maternal Uncles. Each one a hero in their own right. Each made sacrifices for our country and each year I take some time, on Veteran's Day, to thank them for their service as well as for their love.

Jimmy (Army), most beloved of Uncles & dearest friend , was perhaps the most unlikely of military types. He was a scholar & a learner ; diffident ,opinionated, loyal & quirky. I mourn the loss of his nearly indecipherable letters & unquestioning love every day.

Billy (Air Force) was the red headed scamp daredevil of the bunch. The best of pilots, honest, hard-working and devoted to his own large clan. He was my god-father but I never got to know him too well after I grew up. I like to think that I became a pilot because of his influence though!

Jack, actually John (Army) was another brain in the family. He was studious and became a professor ( PhD) and teacher. I like to think that my love of history came to me through him. He authored a biography of John Stuart Mill and he had a large, loving family.

I am so very proud to call my uncles, these proud military men, my family. They were each very unique individuals - the best our Irish-American family had to offer. Each year I thank them as well as each & every one of our current service men & women for their service & for upholding the beliefs and honor of our Country.


La Tea Dah said...

I sounds like your uncles were wise, brave, and worthy of all the love and attention could could bestow upon them! Lovely tribute on this day of remembering.


jenclair said...

The Greatest Generation! My father and his two brothers also made their war contributions in the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Growing up during the depression and serving during WWII, that generation has seen so many changes. My father is the last of his generation in our family, but what an impact they all made.

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