Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Homecation': Vacation At Home

"Even though you will return home at the end of any vacation,
the idea of your holiday is not to complete it as quickly as possible
so that you can check it off your list. The idea of your vacation
- and of life - is to have a joyful experience."

I have been knitting away in the evenings, but have been swamped at work because I had vacation time this month. The piles of work on my desk leave me feeling enervated at the end of the day to say the least! Luckily for me I have another ELEVEN days off!! We get Thursday & Friday off for Thanksgiving & I generally work Wednesday thru Friday (we opted to not take another holiday so that we could have two days for Turkey Feasting) . DH suggested that I take Wednesday off & I requested it the next day - and got it! That evening DH said "do you realize that by taking one day off you have actually got 11 days off in a row?" I hadn't thought of it that way but I am SO happy. I get the vacation time I really need - at home! Yahoo!

'Homecations' are the best I think! I am hoping to paint some more fabric. Finish knitting a sweater/coat, paint some more yardage, & finish my doll.... and cook a bunch too I guess!

1 comment:

Vicki W said...

I was supposed to go on a trip to Asheville NC this weekend. My friend had to cancel so I'm having a homecation myself this week! the good news for people like us is that it's always a treat to have several creative days at home!

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