Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Uni-Ball Signo Bit Gel Pen - Writes The Tiniest Line Around!

comfortable grip section
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Quote from JetPens:
"...Introducing the world's thinnest gel new colors! The Signo Bit is the latest contender in Japan's race to make the thinnest pen. The tip is so small you can write words on a grain of rice. New colors include: fuchsia, light green, blue black, light purple, and mandarin orange. New colors, same amazing 0.18 mm microscopic tip...."

When JetPens made the announcement (above) that one of their newest pens, The Uni-Ball Signo Bit Gel Pen 0.18 could write on a grain of rice I was skeptical. Very skeptical. That a gel pen that small could write was something I had to wonder about as well. Gimmick? Overly optimistic? Since pens are a passion and I have an inquiring mind - I just had to know. I asked and they graciously sent me a pen in my favorite orange to try out. These pens come in lots of wonderful colors - and are also sold in a set. They run only about $3.oo per pen or a set is $25.00. They work equally well for tiny writing on quilts or doll's pieces - lots of things I can think of to try them on.

Jet Pens is a company that I think highly of. They always have the latest and the greatest in pen & fun technology from the Land Of The Rising Sun. Their customer service is great, prices good & shipping fast - so I had to find out if this claim would was true. Notice all of those pesky little grains of rice? Well, lo and behold it really DOES write on a grain of rice! I also discovered that rice grains are far from smooth - so writing on them is, really, no small challenge!

Some of you may also have noticed the JetPens "Pentastic Christmas" link in my sidebar. They are donating pens to needy child who want to learn ... a great program from a great company. Need a pen, pencil or fun color writing tools for Christmas? Check out JetPens - and you'll see why I recomment them so highly. No affiliation or anything - just a customer that appreciates great customer service.

the tiny little .18 nib
It really DOES write on a grain of rice!
A sleek, colorful little gem of a pen!


StegArt said...

Well, my goodness, I think I need some of those pens!

Deb said...

ooo a chilling memory surfaces.

Helplessly watching my Rapidograph with 4x0 superfine point roll in slow motion off my desktop and down, down to STICK in the parquet flooring, quivering, the point a total loss. Acckkk!!!

Lisa Walton said...

Don't need to write on rice but I think I will need a set anyway.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

i think its awesome that you actually took the time to post photos of your grain-of-rice demo! thanks! it made me smile! i'm always looking for a good pen, also.

B2-kun said...

Nice pen review and demo! I guess I'm going to try one on a grain of Sushi rice. I think they tend to be polished a tad more.

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