Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Unrelenting Search For The Perfect Journal: Black Cover and Their Enduring Search for The Perfect Alternative to Moleskine ALternatives

As my journaling has become more and more of an important component in my life so has finding a "perfect' journal. Many of your may recall that I have used Moleskein journals for quite a few years but have recently been gifted by two wonderful new journals - the Quo Vadis Habana and the Quo Vadis Robert LeHero. Now, I am so excited to have found a contest in which I may be able to win a set of three new notebooks - that may just be "the" journal for me -- and all of my impossible doodlings and writing. The Black Cover, a site devoted to the search for the perfect journal is holding a fabulous give away. These journals/notebooks are made by Picadilly and I would be so excited to try them - mostly because they might present an alternative for size as well as for quality. Please wish me luck .... I would be thrilled to finally win something that I would be so glad to actually use !! The best way to help me win these journals is to check out Black Cover's site - hot link above. Please, please visit them often for my sake ..... yes, I will appreciate it a lot !


Guzzisue said...

sending lucky thoughts, fingers crossed :-)

morningDove said...

I forgot to tell you that I posted this on my blog and highlighted you. I also entered. thank you for giving a great plug for a new journal.

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