Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Soul Journaling WIth Doodles

I recently joined a wonderful Yahoo group called Soul Journal - somehow when I discovered the group it just fit in exactly with what I had been doing - and wanted to continue to do. Each 'challenge', or topic, is called a 'Journey' (I love that way of looking at it!). The latest was on doodling - a topic that is near and dear to me as I do some doodling almost every day in my journal - my written journal. These are the latest doodles from my journal - they all seem to be fitting into my "working in a series theme" 'Circles'. I sometimes think that I should doodle in my strictly visual journal, but my written journal is the one that's always in my hand - so I guess that this will do for now. I am thoroughly enjoying each of these journeys and have already learned a lot from the talented artists in this wonderful group!

1 comment:

morningDove said...

love these doodles. The snake globe doodle is very interesting. I like the bunny too. checking out your blog. see you later on soul journal.

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