Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Take It Further Challenge For October: Share Your Work Space

Sharon Boggins issued a somewhat unique challenge for the month of October. She suggested sharing a glimpse your textile work space. Further she queried "How do you feel about this space? What role does it play in your life?" This then, is where I spend much of my time, although I must admit that I have much of my 'necessaries' spread out all over the house. This is a work space that I cannot stand up in - that is it's major drawback. I am hopeful that sometime soon I will have a room of my own that will allow me to stand up to cut material and to store things is the organized manner that I prefer. I am grateful however, to have such a plethora of wonderful tools and textiles to choose from. How wonderful is it, actually, to be able to say that I have things that need that kind of space?! I know that standing up would allow me to work larger because I would be able to get a better perspective on my work. I say my prayers every day for a real room - but I also say prayers of thankfullness every day - that I have these things that I enjoy so much. My space means so much to me. It is my space to do with what I will - to focus, to create, to dream and, occasioanlly, to scream (well - mentally at least!) in frustration. Thanks Sharon, for this unique challenge for October!

1 comment:

Guzzisue said...

DH says your room looks similar to mine!

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