Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Surprise Arrived: Luxurious Wool Fluff

Yesterday, FedEx delivered two large boxes. I had no memory of ordering anything, let alone anything that big! WHen I saw the address label though I knew that it was my dirty fleece returned hom to roost (or spin or felt as the muse dictates). This had been a straight off the hoof fleece - dirty as all get out and I had not imagines that much could be salvedged from it. I thought I might get a bag of clean wool - I got 4 bags ! They cleaned 18.25 pounds of wool and I don't think that too much was lost ! It is a beautiful brown charcoal color - and will make some wonderful pieces I know!
Everything about 13 Mile Lamb & Wool company in Belgrade,Montana pleases me. You ship your wool out with no real idea of when it will be back . These great people do an amazing job - & come as close to truly turning a pig's ear into a "silk" purse as any business that I know of! They send an invoice with the delivery - you pay - that's that. Now I just have to plan projects that will best showcase this dreamy wool! Maybe I should sell some of it!
I had to add a shoe to the photo to give you some idea of how large these bags are.


StegArt said...

Well I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you do with all the wool.

Laura said...

What beautiful wool!

(And I love your new layout!!)

Vicki W said...

You'll have some fun with that!

Sandy said...

WOW! That's a lot of raw material. After washing one myself, I'm all for letting someone else do it.

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