Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Great Pattern Find: The Professional Tote From Creative Thimble

I thought that I would have more progress to show you on my tote by today, but when I took the bag parts outside I really dislike the blue pocket - so I have torn it all out, saved the great kiwi color zipper & I am ready to start all over. I have always been hesitant to make a bag for myself, mainly because most patterns seem to look - well - like "loving hands at home-made". I loved the look of this pattern because it has lots of zippered pockets, water bottle holders on the sides & an optional strap that allows you to stow the bag on your luggage (not that I travel all that much mind you!).

The directions are exceptionally well written; clear, concise & well illustrated. I have learned a lot that I had always wanted to know about pocket construction from this pattern & helpful "tips" are scattered throughout. You need to have three zippers on hand - a 7", a 14" & an 18". The zippers were a real problem for me since they are not available here in 'Paradise'. I called our nearest, friendly, FabricsPlus on the mainland & they were kind enough to read the colors they had in stock for the longer length zippers & send them to me. I would like to be better prepared for that the next time around and find a wider range of color for the long zippers. You also need cord locks - another item I had to track down & order first. For most people there is nothing out of the ordinary that you would not be able to find readily. Pellon DecoBond interfacing is used for this pattern & my friend, Lauren, was kind enough to stop & pick it up for me during one of her mainland jaunts. There are LOTS of pattern & interfacing pieces to cut & fuse. Once that's done you're ready to roll - that is unless you're like me & have to rip things apart to get it to look the way you want! The pattern is $10.00 and, when I think of how much patterns for anything cost these days, I think it's an exceptional value. Creative Thimble sells this & lots of other good bag patterns on their website - along with webbing - which can be used in place of coordinating fabric for the handles. I'll most likely be making another bag & might try webbing to see if I like the look or not. The usual disclaimers of no affilation etc - just a person that loves this pattern!


Vicki W said...

I like the colors you have chosen - do you think it's big enough to hold a laptop?

Kristi said...

I have made a number of these bags for myself and as gifts. They are superb bags and are, indeed, large enough for a laptop. I truly believe it is the perfect tote!
One caveat, I prefer a woven, lighter weight interfacing than the Decor Bond as they don't hold the "wrinkly" look like the Decor Bond does.

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