Friday, September 19, 2008

Some Seattle Snapshots: Pike Place Food Fantasia

I was going have a somewhat serious toned post today and then decided that, since it IS the weekend, we all might get some cooking ideas from seeing photos of some wonderful fresh food!
These photos were taken at the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle when my friend ,Janet, and I were there last month. One of the things that Pike Place is most famous for is is fish market stalls - that and their flower stalls. The Stargazer lilies perfume the air - it's glorious. I had a a bit of a hard time because the crowds were the biggest I have ever seen there - and that many people can cause me to feel a bit inwardly twitchy! SO - think about some yummy seafood for dinner this weekend. Have fun no mater what you do - be creative & make something beautiful!
One of the countless bouquets that are available - all colors, all perfumes - simple one of the most visually amazing dislpays of color anywhere !


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I love going there when I visit Seattle.

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