Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finish The Old To Make Way For The New & Michelle Ward's Crusade #23

Fall really does seem to be right around the corner now. It's raining today & it's cool. Rain is in the forecast for the week ahead. Is this temporary ? Or is it the long slippery slope towards 'eternal, seasonal gray'? Only time will tell ! There were only a few sturdy blossoms left on the rose bushes; those that struggled to reach 'bloom' are all the more fragrant for their trouble. I save those petals every year in a special basket that has gotten full over time, but, somehow, I seem to be able to keep adding to it. I am finding the urge to sleep more (is that really possible?!). The evenings are brisk enough that I have put the fingerless gloves to work as I knit or sew and I am noticing that the days really are a lot shorter. I am beginning to 'feel' the "H" word. Hibernation. There are moments when that seems desirable as well as moments when the thought of closed windows and doors is almost enough to make me want to run outside and scream! I think about getting my "happy light" out of it's summer time cover, knitting something larger, working on a large hand quilting project, anything that will keep me warmer. I'm feeling the ever more incessant urge to clear the art-full decks, clean my figurative plate, and sweep the proverbial drawing board clean. Fall & Winter are, for me, truly a time to savor moving forward - sometimes finding a new direction with my art.

Michelle Ward issued a timely 'crusade' this month though her Green Pepper Press Street Team, called, interestingly enough "Clean Your Plate". This theme coincided eerily with the thoughts that have been rumbling though my mind. My house is cluttered though I don't like it that way. I like order in my disorder. A place for everything even if I'm the only one that knows where that place is. I become easily thrown off kilter when I become overwhelmed with dead-lines, "have-to-do's", commitments, meetings, & obligations. I need time to day dream, to play, to lollygag; draw, spin, paint,sew,felt to my heart's desire without any of it at all having to be anywhere by a specific time. I need this sort of play time just as I need sleep, food, air, love,h ealth & friendship. I become very peckish when I do not get enough un-pressured time to create; just as I need more time alone than many people do. Some people make New Year's resolutions, mine tend to come at this point in the year when the days are shorter & there is more time to settle in. I want to explore some new things this winter. My requirement for "new things" is that I can utilize them to enhance my other passions of knitting, sewing, quilting or journaling. I want to try to spend some time learning calligraphy - or at least some calligraphic techniques. This can be used in my journals, of course, and in my quilts. I want to paint some more - which will also help journaling & quilting. I want to make enough small crows, felted bags, pen cases & knitting bags that I can begin to sell them on Etsy. The one commitment that I have not yet fulfilled is making a new crow to take in to a local gallery for consideration for their 'roster'. I told them that I would try to make it by the middle of this month - but obviously this has not yet happened, and is unlikely to happen until I return from my sojourn to Houston in October. Hopefully, there will still be interest in my Corvid family.

So my Fall & Winter plans are these (not necessarily in any particular order):
  1. To sift, sort, prune & gather my supplies.
  2. Spend some time getting to know my spinning wheel. Spin some of my fabulous 'new' fiber so that I can use it for felts & knits.
  3. Clean off my desk to make way for some unfettered space to paint & play.
  4. Try to tackle some of the mess in my sewing area so that I can, at least, know what tools I have available and where they are!
  5. Rest, renew, & enjoy the journey, whatever the journey is. Make the process the most important thing - the end result will be just fine if I do that.
  6. Stop spending quite so much time online. Just a little - well....maybe that won;t happen - but maybe it will!
How about you - what plans do you have for making this one of the most creative & enjoyable Fall & Winter seasons yet ? Let's shed some of our creative light onto the dark Winter days to come!


Vicki W said...

My one fall goal is to get my new work project under control and manageable by December so I get my weekends back! A related goal is to aviod starting any new projects during this period of limited sewing time. I've organized my sewing spaces so that I have some projects at the ready for any 15 minutes of sewing that I can find.

Jeannie said...

Yesterday was cool and rainy in Ea. Wash. also. I dug out my "happy light" and long pants. Last week I spent along the Oregon coast and found myself "gathering supplies" for the winter ahead. I can really relate to the squirrels in my yard. Get all my supplies together in case of ice or snow. Clean out all the clutter, make my nest cozy and warm. I thought I was the only one who did this, so thanks Marie!

michelle ward said...

Beautiful roses Marie! Thanks for playing with the team this month by sharing your thoughts on the changing season and what's ahead. I had to laugh...I thought you were going to say "H" was for Halloween, not Hibernation - but that's an appropriate observation as we all tend to stay in more beginning with fall. I also get peckish when there is little time for creativity. GET GOING ON THOSE FABULOUS CROWS. They will be terrific sellers especially at this time of year. I'm liking goal #5 the best.

Susan said...

Wow one of the things you did was to write this blog entry complete with a well thought list. That alone is impressive. I never considered the last roses being sweeter - what a lovely thought, and exquisite blooms to boot!

Becci said...

I enjoyed your post and felt your words, thank you for sharing!
"Peckish" is that a real word? Does it mean you get testy or grumpy or snap easily? I love that word!

Have a great hair day! Becci

Anonymous said...

We don't hibernate down here...but if I were in your shoes, I would be. Sounds like you have the perect storm brewing...a clean slate...time to relax and get new things done. Love your goals!! Have a great winter!

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