Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Judy Perez Color Theory Lesson 3


Yesterday I got some time to play & decided that I wanted to forge ahead with Lesson 3 of Judy Perez' Color Theory Class. No matter how many times I read about it, or how many times I am told about it ,shades are what always amaze me - how adding just a bit of black can make such wonderfully rich colors ...this was probably my favorite part of this lesson. I was also very surprised at what a difference adding gray to colors makes when mixing tones. In general I have a difficult enough time remembering what a tint, tone or shade is exactly & I think actually painting them helps to reinforce the names & their meanings. As you can tell, I like to work on the paper - which is just regular copy paper. I am sure that if I followed Judy's simple directions and did the swatches on separate watercolor paper and then cut and pasted - you would see much better clarity and fewer brush strokes !! This works for me though - gives me what I need - & I can always go back & be more precise some other time if I want. This is a great class for really imprinting some of the information - and I am really enjoying actually painting the swatches rather than just looking at them in a book ! Thanks Judy!

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