Monday, September 8, 2008

A Sweet New Little Treasure Of A Pen

I know that some of you may think I have lost my already addled mind to fountain pens - and I suppose that this might be partially true. This IS NOT a picture of my exact pen nor is it a photo that I have taken- I am using a photo from the internet - but this is just like a pen I just got. These pens are called Pilot Elite's. They were made in the 60's & 70's & are called 'pocket pens'. Their nibs are usually either 14k or 18k gold. I LOVE this little pen. It writes so smoothly - and did so right away - these are, mind you, what is called NOS - new old stock. These pens have been languishing in one place or another just waiting for their time in the sun. A true joy to write with! Mine is filled with plum colored ink .. and what a lovely line it makes. Another interesting thing is that Chinese & Japanese nibs generally run a half to a full size slimmer than our Western nib system. So a true Pilot Japanese Medium nib is like what we generally regard as a Fine. I have a Japanese pen that has a hard broad (as opposed to a soft ) nib - and it writes like a full medium...lovely pen that is too.

Although all of this pen stuff may seem at odds with my intended purposes of quilting, knitting and painting - there is in fact a connection. I find that taking the time to write and journal well - and appreciate the pen with which I am writing - is making me more aware of the correctness of my stitches or choosing which brush is best for my intended use. It all seems to work out .. ad I am sure I will "come to my senses" and "snap out of this" soon !

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HOPE said...

I just skimmed over you site and will be back! I LOVE quilting..and PENS! ;) I do calligraphy..and well just love nice pens altogether!

I visited Friday Harbour a year ago on a trip..the ferry trip was wonderful and peaceful..and the tour of the island with my daughter was awesome. I have a photo I took of the Lighthouse on my blog!

I'll be back to glean your lovely site!


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