Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Working My Way - Through The Artist's Way

My 'sister', Lauren, gave this wonderful book by Julia Cameron to me some time ago. Lauren has always been my biggest fan & my cheerleader - and nothing is sacred between us! The book has been a start and stop kind of process for me. I start & stop & start & stop & then start again. I have made the "morning pages" a routine - although, since I am not much of a morning person, the morning pages are often written in the evening. This practice and my latest infatuation with fountain pens has been a fine combination. This is a great book and I am okay with working my way through it slowly - there is so much in the book that is slow grist for the mental mill. I love reading the quotes that are included on every page - that's a favorite part of the book for me. I love quotes anyway - always have. I remember - as a young adult, using my beloved Mont Blanc fountain pen to take excepts out of books and transpose them into a quote journal. That journal, unfortunately, has not made the journey with me. Another loss of "childhood"!..... but mostly I miss that darn pen! Just as I am a proponent of the "slow cloth" philosophy, I am also a proponent of having a book that is worth savoring slowly. Unlocking some more creativity is a fine thing. I love the process.

Yesterday I did nothing that was particularly worthy of photos. How much interest would there be,I wonder, if I posted photos of laundry & chasing dust bunnies?! That took up a large part of my day - along with making dinner of grilled chicken with home made pork fried rice that took longer to make that I wanted but tasted good none-the-less! I did manage to finish my first fingerless glove and started the second. I love wearing these indoors when the weather gets cold. We try to keep the heat as low as possible but my hands are perpetually cold no matter what the temperature seems to be- so these mitts help a lot! I am anxiously searching for a good supplier of more Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk yarn. This stuff is like heaven to work with - the softest thing I have ever felt - better than cashmere IMHO .. problem is that it seems to be getting dis-continued. Foolish -- it's just too good! I also wrote a bit today and plotted how best to box some things to send off to Houston. I want my Journal to ship flat --- and it will! This really has been a year filled with blessings for me - of the artistic kind. Judges Award & Best of Class at the County Fair - for my first entries in the sections. Three pieces headed to Houston in a year that I get to be there. I am still pinching myself! I thank my angels everyday for guiding me in good directions. Happy mid-week everyone. Hope you are doing something creative today!


sandra wyman said...

Sounds like you're reaping your just rewards for all that hard work - not to mention talent and artistry! Like you I have a sort of stop/start relationship with The Artists Way - you've reminded me that I should get back to it!

Fannie said...

Great post! Love this book. I reread it at least once a year.

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