Monday, August 25, 2008

IDye From Jacquard

Not long ago I ordered a few colors worth of Jacquard's new IDye. I had nothing in mind to use it for but thought it was an interesting concept & I wondered if it might be a mini alternative to hauling out all of the supplies needed for normal Procion dyeing. Yesterday, in the midst of making a cake I had a color fit! I wanted to play with some color. Ta Da !! I though I might sprint between two rooms and try some of the little dye packets that were languishing on the shelf. IDye is comes in small packets that are dissolvable (ask me how I know this!). I put about 1/3 of the packet into a bowl....actually into two bowls since I decided to try two colors : chartreuse & lilac. This dye is most definitely made to vat dye in the washing machine. I have used Rit dye in the past to spot dye things and to quickly make a pair of dyed socks or something - and it always worked well. I would rate the IDye in much the same the same way that I rate Rit Dye.

Below you will see two pairs of socks. One dyed in Chartreuse & one pair that I tried to paint with Chartreuse & Lilac and then, not liking the results, I over-dyed with the rest of the Lilac. I "cooked" these in a glass container in the microwave for 6 minutes on high heat. I think that I am going to order some more of this product- it will be great for freshening up some black shirts & slacks, though I think Rit might work as well. I wish there was an indication about the ingredients on the IDye packet - my initial feeling is that this dye cannot be kept for too long in a liquid state - unlike dye concentrates that you would make for dye painting. I want to experiment some more with IDye. All in all at this point I think that straight Procion dyes work best if you are doing anything other than all over color. That being said, I think I can see some other possibilities for IDye - I just need more time& product to play with. I am wearing my Chartreuse socks today and, I have to say, they rock!


Sandy said...

Great socks. It sounds like a good compromise dye.

Vicki W said...

I've been wondering about these dyes - glad to see someone finally tried them out!

Karoda said...

i've used them on cotton in the washing machine and again with poly/cotton blend with the cooking it slowly color was as rich as your socks...i dyed about a yard each time though. it does get a good solid flat color which is the best thing i can say about it so far. i've scheduled two days to day this week...thursday and friday in a wet studio space and will try them again.

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